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The Recluse of Santa Fe

What happens when you delegate creativity to computers? Would that empower humanity or rob it of something crucial that it has been taking for granted throughout its history? And what would this mean for artists, established and aspiring alike?

The Recluse of Santa Fe, story two of The Dawn series explores these questions, which have suddenly moved from sci-fi to the world we live in. When a prominent art expert, Sean Davis, is asked by the leading AI company to teach art to their system, he doesn’t know how far that request will take him — and what kinds of stunning discoveries he will make on the way.

More about The Dawn: Rise of AI Chronicles

When it comes to artificial intelligence, we’re no longer in a “what if?” reality. We’re squarely in a “now what?” world. From books to financial markets, from healthcare to research, the age of artificial intelligence has arrived. We’re in for a ride, and it’s anything but smooth. What will the world look like as we share it with the genie we let out of its silicon bottle? How will AI evolve? Perhaps, even more important, how will we?

The Dawn series tries to answer these questions in the language people have always used to model the future: the language of story. In a dozen intertwining stories, taking place in a slightly alternative present-day reality and its near future, The Dawn attempts to show how our lives, for better or for worse, will inevitably change with the arrival of AI. And it’s up to you, the reader, to decide how successful the series is at that ambitious task.

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